There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind


Recently, many important, trend-setting industries have adopted mindfulness strategies to counteract stress and enrich the lives of their employees. They have discovered that investing in their people makes a remarkable difference in productivity, and improves the work-place environment. It’s no mystery that high functioning executives rely on alternative wellness practices to increase their energy and stimulate the flow of new ideas.

Sound Meditation is the perfect way to offer a revitalizing and pleasant experience to any team. Setting aside this time for deep listening and relaxation is the breeding ground for creative thinking, innovative solutions and good communication.Sign up for 1.5 hr. sessions or an entire afternoon of Sound Meditation.

Benefits for the Employee:

  • reduces stress
  • strengthens the immune system
  • clears the mind and relaxes the body
  • increases focus, creativity and joyfulness
  • decreases physical tension
  • scientifically proven to alleviate insomnia,
  • depression, anxiety, high blood pressure
  • and more.

Overall benefits for the Company:

  • decreases sick days
  • boosts creativity
  • boosts employee morale
  • enhances corporate reputation
  • strengthens teamwork
  • reduces employee turnover
  • improves focus and productivity



Sessions Include:

  • Sound Bath
  • Dynamics for team-building and discussion
  • Motivational material and open discussion
  • Drumming and chanting
  • Yoga (on request)


  • One 90-minute session for 20 participants: $2000.00
  • Three consecutive sessions: $5.000.00
  • Seven consecutive sessions: $12,000.00


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