HeartTones Sound is a GVS signature outreach program offering healing-centered engagement to students and school staff in the public and private sectors. HeartTones Sound came into existence in 2017 under the direction of Alice Dow, who founded and managed a nonprofit organization in South America dedicated to vulnerable teenagers for 20 years. She returned to NYC where she began working with a team of Sound Practitioners to combine Sound Therapy with healing centered, psychosocial workshops for youth, and school staff.


In the Schools

This is a healing-centered, holistic approach for collective wellness. Given the opportunity, communities, and individuals can become their own healers rather than victims of negative events such as the impact of 2020. By enhancing conditions that foster general well being, the sessions become highly therapeutic. Our objective is for students to understand that they can, by choice, transform their inner conversations, and gain control over the direction of their lives, a mindset that can mean the difference between triumph or disaster when they are standing at life's crossroads.


A HeartTones Therapist is a practitioner with a sincere desire to serve these particular target groups and is trained to create safe, uplifting conditions conducive to healing. Our code of ethics revolves around Empathy and Respect. Training sessions for our team include group management skills, practicing communication with teenagers and children, and Sound Therapy Protocol for the Classroom with emphasis on developing a quality relationship with the audience. 

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